Hi. I’m Lyn Chamberlin.

I'm an award-winning brand creator, consultant, and executive coach. I've built a successful career developing unique and impactful brands for individuals and organizations.

I help people and organizations tell their stories in ways that inspire and inform, driving the kind of lasting relationships that traditional approaches to marketing and branding often overlook.

My belief is simple yet profound: the strongest brands stem from authenticity, clarity, and deeply human connections.

My approach to branding is both strategic and passionately creative. I've had the privilege of leading major brand initiatives at some of the most respected institutions and businesses, including Harvard, Radcliffe, MIT, and Sarah Lawrence. Before diving into the world of higher education marketing, I ran my own brand consultancy in Boston, helping a range of clients from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to emerging tech startups carve out their unique space in the market.

My career began in journalism, where I worked as a reporter and television producer. My series “Women in the Arts” even earned me an Emmy, something I'm incredibly proud of. I was also part of the team that launched The Monitor Channel, the international cable news service of The Christian Science Monitor.

I’m a frequent speaker and workshop leader on strategic branding for nonprofits and professional associations. My BA is from Columbia University, and my MFA is from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

You can find me at Lyn Chamberlin Leadership and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you for joining me.

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I'm an Emmy award-winning television producer turned brand creator, consultant, and coach who helps you stop flailing around and get down to the business of branding.